Buffy CDs - Described

2003/12/12: Buffy: Five by Five is done; the covers are going to the printers today.

This will be the last my Buffy-themed offerings. The show's done, and I don't think there's enough good music left to warrant another disc. Many of you will have noticed that EMI has released another official Buffy soundtrack disc: Radio Sunnydale. I really can't endorse this disc at all for 2 reasons: 1) it's from EMI, and uses their Copy Controlled technology to purposefully degrade the music in the hopes that it won't be pirated, and 2) their song selection is just plain awful (Joey Ramone?). In fact, the only good songs on Radio Sunnydale are already available on my compilations. :-) I initially tried to avoid duplicating songs from Radio Sunnydale, but I figure I've been doing this longer and better (or at least, more often), so...tough beans for them.

This does not mean that you shouldn't support the individual artists included on this (or any of the previous) compilation in some way. I particularly recommend Nerf Herder and Aberdeen. Also in my good books are the Brian Jonestown Massacre, who not only provided a kick-ass track for this compilation, but also seem to have every piece of music they've ever performed available on their website.

I blame/thank my friend, Jeff, for my Buffy addiction. I began watching the show religiously early in the 2nd season. One of the things that appealed to me about the show (aside from SMG =), was the music. It seemed that every episode there was at least one song that I had to rush to the internet to investigate. Luckily, there are people out there who are far more obessed with the music of Buffy than I am (witness http://www.buffymusic.net/), so finding info about the songs was never a problem. Since I'm a bit of a media-phile, I decided to create a compilation of some of my favorite tracks from the show. But the show kept having good tunes, so one CD became two, etc...

Below are links to the current crop of Buffy-based CDs. Each page contains a track listing with context information and the cover art I desgined for the CD.

Chris Cooper